A long-term perspective

Our teams strive to create value through sustainable infrastructure and private equity while generating social and environmental outcomes that are intentional, material and scalable.

Private Equity

Pegasus is a pioneer in private equity investing in sustainability and health. With our distinctive expertise and experience, our primary objective is to be the partner of choice for great companies as they grow. Our team seeks to partner with companies to realize their full potential, continue to grow, and create a lasting positive impact to their customers and communities.

Sustainable Infrastructure

We are specialized in emerging markets green infrastructure and invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste & water, and nature-based solutions assets essential for a sustainable economy. Our strategy is to seek control-oriented infrastructure projects applying proven technologies. We seek to drive value creation through active ownership and sustainable stewardship.

Please also see our dedicated website on the Subnational Climate Fund.

Sustainable Ocean Economy

We invest in a diversified global portfolio of mid-sized, scalable projects in the fields of sustainable ocean production, ecotourism, and sustainable infrastructure that benefit coral reef ecosystems and the people who depend on them.

Please also see our dedicated website on the Global Fund for Coral Reefs.