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Lighting Science Group Corporation Awarded 40th Patent for 2014

MELBOURNE, Fla.–Oct. 6, 2014– Lighting Science Group (OTCQB:LSCG) is pleased to announce the awarding of US patent #8,841,864 titled “Tunable LED lamp for producing biologically-adjusted light.” This patent gives Lighting Science exclusivity to create a lamp/luminaire that is adjustable within 3 spectrally significant light configuration settings: pre-sleep, general illumination, and phase shift. The settings can help users sleep better, manage their circadian rhythm, and even effect time zone phase shifts.

“This is the 40th patent granted in 2014,” said CEO Ed Bednarcik. “Our ability to spectrally tune light to deliver proven biological and physiological effect is a game changer that will have dramatic, positive impact on all living things. Our team of lighting engineers is continually finding ways to improve health and wellbeing by innovating and redefining how we use light. It is a huge competitive advantage for us.”

Lighting Science holds more than 200 patents. “As a science and technology company, we think far beyond basic illumination,” says Fred Maxik, CTO. “We’ve figured out ways to make light more impactful, yet less intrusive, both for interior and exterior environments. That is something to be excited about. We are proud to be a company rooted in proven science and driven to make a positive difference on the world around us.”

Lighting Science has several lighting products in development incorporating U.S. patent #8,841,964. They are expected to launch in the first half of 2015.

About Lighting Science

Lighting Science (OTCQB:LSCG) is a global leader in state of the art LED lighting solutions that designs, manufactures and brings to market the most advanced, intelligent and innovative products for both consumer, professional and retail applications. By inventing breakthrough, award-winning, LED lamps and lighting fixtures that truly work in sync with nature, we follow one of our core values by being committed to UNLEASHING THE SCIENCE OF LIGHT TO MAKE PEOPLE, AND OUR PLANET LOOK, FEEL AND HEAL BETTER. Lighting Science Group is headquartered in Melbourne, FL, with a global offices located in Hong Kong, China. Find out more at or and join us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the Lighting Science Blog.