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17th CITI-ISO-Datagro New York Sugar & Ethanol Conference

Our Investment Associate, Celso Catan, had the privilege of participating at the 17th CITI-ISO-Datagro New York Sugar & Ethanol Conference to discuss the vision of financial markets regarding the role of biofuels in the energy transition.

During the panel discussion, he emphasized the monumental agreement by 200 countries at COP28 in the UAE to phase out fossil fuels and triple renewable energy capacity by 2030. This ambitious goal requires a $9 trillion annual investment, yet only $1.2 trillion was invested in the sector last year, underscoring the scale of the challenge.

As even wealthy nations struggle to meet these investment targets, the challenge is even more pronounced for emerging markets and developing countries. Electrification alone will not suffice. Biofuels, such as ethanol, play a crucial role in achieving these targets due to their proven, cost-effective, and readily available technology that doesn’t demand groundbreaking infrastructure investments—especially as the industry advances in land and water resources efficiency.