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Definity Digital™ by Lighting Science Group
Awake & Alert LED Lamps

A breakthrough innovation for natural alertness with LED
biologically corrected lighting solutions.

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GoodNight LED™ by Lighting Science Group
A breakthrough innovation
for better sleep.

Another LED biologically corrected lighting solution from Definity Digital™.

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June 5th: 2014 Public Pension Fund
Investments & Investing in
Renewables Summit.

We engaged in a one day dialogue on the opportunities and challenges of making investments in renewable energy.

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Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P. is a private equity fund manager that has been providing creative capital and strategic solutions to companies across a variety of industries since 1996. Pegasus partners with management teams of growth companies, with a focus on those that benefit from the business implications of global resource scarcity. Sectors where this trend is most pronounced are food, water, energy, health & wellness and security.


We currently manage approximately $1.8 billion in assets. Our investment team comprises over 50 talented investment professionals and operating/strategic advisors.

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