Our People

Investment Professionals

Since its inception, Pegasus has been recognized for the skill and creativity of our Investment Professionals in a wide range of market conditions.  We regard every transaction as unique and employ a diverse range of financial strategies and structures, our end objective being alignment of interest among all parties and a scenario ideally suited to the creation of maximum value.

Operating Advisors

Pegasus Operating Advisors are fully integrated into our decision-making process.  Their depth of expertise, business judgment and strategic insight set us apart from other private equity firms.  These exceptionally talented individuals are intimately involved in sourcing transactions, conducting due diligence and—most important—assisting portfolio companies in day-to-day operations.

Typically, Operating Advisors are:

  • Former senior executives of some of the world's premier companies. Their proven operating skills, deep industry expertise and industry connections have proven to be invaluable resources to our portfolio companies.
  • Experts with deep understanding of specific sectors like alternative and renewable energy, natural foods, LED lighting, alternative building materials, advertising, consumer package goods, insurance, homeland security, metals, logistics, healthcare and medical technology.
  • Former government officials with an understanding of current and emerging government policy, as well as knowledge of the inner workings of government—federal, state and local, as well as foreign and supra-national.
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